Why Asheville, North Carolina Is a Great Place to Live

North Carolina has always been one of the more appealing states in the union. Its incredible natural beauty and temperate weather make it pleasant year-round and mean that both visitors and locals have plenty of opportunities to explore nature in every season. In the last twenty years, Asheville North Carolina in particular, has emerged as the place to be. While the natural beauty across North Carolina is unparalleled, Asheville’s downtown atmosphere is unlike anywhere else in the state. Artists and musicians have found a haven among the mountains here in Asheville, and as you walk down the streets of downtown it shows. Character permeates the city, and with its incredible weather, the backdrop of majestic mountains, and plenty of concerts and events every night, it’s no wonder that Asheville North Carolina has become such a great place to live. Need more evidence to entice you to make the move? Here are three big reasons why Asheville really is a great place to call home.

It’s got a culture all its own.

Perhaps because of its majestic, almost ethereal perch amid the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville has a sense of spirituality that permeates its culture. Artists, musicians, and outdoorsy folks flock to Asheville for inspiration and to be part of a community that celebrates nature so passionately. That inspiration is palpable when you walk through downtown: drum circles will crop up on Friday nights, beckoning visitors to join. Street performers are both rampant and exceptional in their crafts, and local artisans’ wares can be found across town, from the windows of boutique gift shops to chic, modern art galleries, and everywhere in between. Asheville celebrates the arts each year with dozens of art and craft fairs, music festivals, live performances by internationally-recognized artists, and a host of other cultural events found nowhere else in the great state of North Carolina.

Likewise, the quality of food and drink seem to be celebrated as fine art in their own right here in Asheville. The locally-sourced dining scene is second-to-none, with a bevy of unique and hip restaurants dotted around downtown serving everything from southern-style barbecue to authentic Indian fair. Asheville’s craft brew industry is also on the rise, making it a veritable mecca for the beer enthusiast looking to sample local flavors. In fact, in 2009 Asheville was named “Beer City USA,” and still boasts more breweries per capita than any other city in America. Find yourself at any brewery, tasting room, or bar in downtown Asheville and you’ll surely see the way good flavors and good brewing are celebrated each day in this mountain town.

For the outdoorsman, it’s paradise on Earth.

Western North Carolina features a diverse, natural beauty that’s truly its own. The lush blue mountain ranges, the dense, verdant forests, babbling creeks, and gushing waterfalls all evoke a peace and tranquility that’s unmatched by anywhere in the United States. Yet Asheville alone may outshine even the rest of the state. Here, seated at the mouth of Maggie Valley, between the Smoky Mountains and the Blue Ridge Mountains, visitors and residents find themselves in perpetual awe of the beauty that surrounds them. Year-round, tourists flock to this hamlet to explore hiking trails and winding mountain highways. It’s a perfect place for kayaking, horseback riding, rock climbing, mountain biking, camping, and every other outdoor activity you can imagine.

Asheville is incredibly livable, in so many ways.

A lively culture and natural beauty are certainly appealing for tourists, but these pulls might not be enough to convince one to make Asheville their permanent home. That’s why it’s incredibly convenient that Asheville is so livable. First, the weather here is ideal. Summers rarely broach a mild 85 degrees, and winters don’t spend long below the 40s, meaning that a majority of the year is spent in a very mild, very temperate state. It’s also not unusually wet. Though major storms during hurricane season can make their way up to North Carolina, for the most part, the average rainfall in North Carolina is just that: average.

And while living in Asheville feels good on the body (jaw-dropping landscapes and gorgeous weather can do wonders for the mind and soul when you’re feeling down), living here feels equally lovely on the wallet. Asheville’s cost of living sits just below the national average. Though housing costs are on the rise, the expansion of Asheville means that new builds are cropping up here and there around the valley, making it very reasonable to buy a home in surrounding cities like Weaverville, Canton, and Hendersonville (though if your heart is set on living in Downtown Asheville, you may have to fork over more cash than you’d initially planned). Employment is also at a pleasant 95% in Asheville proper, and more and more service businesses seem to be making their way to town, attracting younger talent and making for an overall active and healthy city economy.

There are so many reasons to want to live in Asheville. From its gorgeous climate and awe-inspiring mountain views to its hip and friendly downtown culture, to its ease of living for young professionals and growing families, Asheville seems to have something for everyone.

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