Easy At-Home DIY Projects Under $100

Maybe having a little extra time at home this month has you getting a little sick of the same four walls. Or maybe you just moved in, but don’t have the budget for a full-scale remodel. No worries! There are plenty of things you can do around the house to freshen up the place, and many don’t require a huge budget. In fact, many huge changes can be made for less than $100.

Pick a New Color Palette

If a room is feeling a little stale or outdated, the walls are the first place to start. Paint is generally affordable, and interior painting is something most people can get the hang of with a little practice and some cheap tools. There are plenty of options: you can start out with an accent wall, repaint a door, or paint the entire room.

Colors can be a little tricky, especially if you plan on selling your home in the future. Buyers tend to favor neutral or soft colors, so most advice tends towards those colors. However, it is your space! Do what suits your style and you can always paint over it later. If you aren’t the most artistically inclined, you can always use a color palette generator or look at interior design trends to get some ideas.

Freshen Up Cabinets and Closets

Cabinets and closets don’t need to be dull. There are plenty of ways to brighten them up, too. Sometimes it’s as simple as painting door knobs. You can also buy new knobs in a variety of styles from most hardware stores. Sometimes, all it takes is a new knob to take a room from midcentury modern to Victorian.

You can also spice up cabinets by staining wood, repainting trim with an accent color, or adding accents to the interiors. This is especially easy if you use easy stick-on wallpaper to add a pop of color and pattern. Seeing a Hawaiian floral print behind your dinner plates every time you open the cabinet might just be that little spark of fun you need in your kitchen.

Start an Herb Garden

Having some green in your home brightens things up significantly. While house plants are great, herbs are even better, since they produce something delicious to use in the kitchen. Most herbs are available from local plant stores and hardware stores, and small plants are generally under $10.

Herbs are capable of growing in pretty much any pot, so get creative! There are plenty of ideas online to get you started, so you can draw some inspiration from there and find something that fits your vibe and budget. If you don’t want to spend money on pots, you can look around the house for things to make your own garden: old coffee cans, mason jars, scrap wood—you can repurpose pretty much anything into a cool herb garden to draw some attention in the kitchen.

Cash-Free Projects

If you don’t want to go to the store or spend any money, you can still breathe some fresh air into your house. Rearranging furniture can make a room feel different. Try swapping furniture pieces from the living room and the family room, or putting the TV on a different wall. We often get stuck in a rut and only think a room can be laid out one way. Rearranging everything often opens up a new perspective on the room that is more efficient and pleasant than before.

Bookshelves are often a source of clutter. Unorganized books and knickknacks aren’t exactly pretty to look at, regardless of how essential they are to your life. Try rearranging everything on the shelf. Many people sort books by spine color, genre, or alphabetically by author. Having some type of organization makes your books more appealing to look at, and easier to find when you want them. Try to be intentional with the other things on your shelf as well: create little dioramas with odds and ends like drink glasses, potted plants, and interesting rocks from outside. It’s fun, easy, and will add a conversation piece to the room!

Finding the Perfect Home to Redecorate

Of course, all at-home DIY projects require a home to DIY. While we can’t help you plant an herb garden, Keller Williams Asheville can help you find the perfect windowsill to set it on.

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