Five Reasons to Look Outside of Asheville

We tend to talk about Asheville quite a bit on this blog. While newcomers may see Asheville as the be all end all for Western North Carolina, that’s definitely not the case. There are plenty of vibrant communities and mountain towns outside of Asheville that come with their own perks and charms. In fact, there are some arguments places like Weaverville, Black Mountain, and Candler are even better for new homebuyers!

Here’s just a few reasons to expand your search when you’re buying a home.

1: Lower Average Home Prices

We won’t shy away from it: Asheville real estate is expensive. It’s the hottest city in the region and doesn’t show any signs of cooling down any time soon. Home in Asheville average $375,596 as of this writing [the number may fluctuate a bit]. That may seem a little steep for the average buyer, especially if it’s your first home purchase.

A quick jaunt on up the road can save you big bucks, though. The average home price in Weaverville is about $50,000 cheaper, while if you go a little further out into Candler you’re looking at an average price of around $215,000. That’s some substantial savings for just an extra 20 or 30 minutes on your commute into the city.

2: More Bang for Your Buck

Another thing to consider is space. Homes in Asheville are pricey, and homes with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms and some property even more so. A three-bedroom, three-bathroom house on an acre of land with an Asheville mailing address often lists at $500,000 for an older home, and prices just go up as homes get newer or closer to downtown.

Meanwhile, there are similar homes in Candler with more property listing at about $125,000 less—some with two or three acres of property. If you want some space your family can grow into or need some land to convert into a garden but don’t want to break the bank, there are plenty of options in the Asheville metro area.

3: Those Mountain Views!

A city skyline isn’t for everyone. Some people value a slower pace and a view of the mountains uncluttered by towering buildings. As beautiful as Asheville is, it is the most populous and industrious city in the region, so those uncluttered views are increasingly fewer and farther between.

If you’re looking for some nature in your life, why not look towards one of the charming mountain towns nearby? Black Mountain is situated in some of the most beautiful Western North Carolina scenery you’ll find. Maggie Valley is similarly situated and comes with historic mountain town charm with easy access to Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the Blue Ridge Parkway.

4: Mountain Town Charm

There’s something to be said about small town life. Stopping into the grocery store where they know you by name, sitting at your usual table at your favorite restaurant, waving to your neighbors as you drive home against the setting sun. We’re not saying people in Asheville aren’t charming (we’re actually quite lovely), but the commotion of city life and constant tourism tends to make things a bit more… anonymous.

Mountain towns see their share of visitors, but they’re also long-standing communities that have stayed small and offer the comforts of a quaint main street and windy backroads. Going out into the country a bit doesn’t mean sacrificing some of the amenities of the city either: Weaverville has some of the best, most popular restaurants around like Stoney Knob and Glass Onion. If anything, knowing about these hidden treasures will make you seem more hip than the city folk going to the places everybody’s already heard about.

5: Invest in a Growing Community

For all of the reasons above and more, the cities and towns outside of Asheville are getting more and more popular every year. Places like Black Mountain are already turning into boom towns in their own right, and many of the neighboring communities aren’t too far behind. Buying property out there now is a sure way to get in before the gold rush. If you’re looking to eventually buy a bigger house or move back to the city, a starter home in a mountain town may be a great way to realize those dreams. Home values are going up everywhere with no signs of slowing, making almost any piece of property you can get a sound investment.

Welcome Home

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