Five Reasons to Move to Asheville

Asheville has long been a tightly-kept secret among those who’ve known of it: a veritable treasure trove of natural beauty and small-town charm that locals have wanted to keep close to the vest. Yet that secret may officially be out. Each year, more and more tourists find their way to Asheville’s hopping downtown or make a bee-line for the beautiful mountain ranges where hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter are must-dos. As visitors return in droves and fall more and more in love, many are deciding to make Asheville home. Between 2010 and 2016, Asheville saw a 7% increase in population, and the numbers continue to grow today. So what’s really driving the population influx, beyond the allure of Asheville’s majestic mountain ranges? We’ve narrowed it down to five major reasons why so many people want to move to Asheville, North Carolina.

The art scene is dynamic and unique.

Aspiring artists, seasoned veterans, or even just appreciators of the arts are finding that Asheville has become a sort of a haven in the mountains for art lovers and art creators. Year-round fine art events honor the creative spirit of Asheville’s locals, with the annual Village Art & Craft Fair, The Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands, and the Lake Eden Arts Festival to name just a few. Downtown, guests can visit Odyssey Ceramic Arts or the Asheville Art Museum for a curated foray into the fine arts. Step outside and you’re likely to encounter art of a more grassroots persuasion without even trying, as street art abounds in downtown, bringing color and character to this already vivid and unique city.

The live music in Asheville rocks non-stop.

The performing arts in Asheville are no less appreciated than the fine-arts, as evidenced by the myriad of performance art venues that line the streets of downtown. Venues like The Grey Eagle offer a full-service entertainment and dining experience, with an impressive dinner menu and a widely-varied suite of visiting artists. Likewise, The Orange Peel can offer concert-goers a soothing, intimate acoustic music experience, a head-banging, rock ‘n roll rave, and everything in between. Isis Restaurant and Music Hall is another excellent venue for a full night of fun, with a delicious on-site dining experience, an impressive stage for a wide range of concerts, and space for some serious dancing.

But beyond its concert venues and music halls (and there are many), Asheville makes so clear its love for live music, that music seems to invade the very streets of the town. In the evenings, feel free to partake in a drum circle downtown: they tend to start up spontaneously and welcome all to engage. Street performers are not an uncommon sight in downtown Asheville and tend to be very talented. And of course, the music festivals that visit Asheville regularly, like Moogfest, help make it known that the locals of Asheville are music-lovers, through and through.

Asheville is home to beer, beer, and more beer.

If you love beer, you’re in the right place. Asheville is home to more breweries per capita than any other US city and was even named “Beer City USA” in 2009 in recognition of that achievement. Since the mid-’90s, the craft brew industries in Asheville has utterly boomed. Today, Oskar Blues Brewery, Highland Brewing, New Belgium Brewery, Green Man Brewery, and Hi-Wire Brewery are just a few of the nationally-recognized craft brewers that have found a home in Asheville. If you’re in the brewing industry, you probably already knew that Asheville is now the place to be to make some truly fun and funky brews. But what does all this frothy industry mean for the tourist, visitor, or new resident of Asheville? Simply put, locally-brewed beer abounds in this town, and a slew of new, down-to-earth tasting rooms, bars, and restaurants have cropped up in response, ensuring local drafts are always on tap. Visit 12 Bones Smokehouse for some genuinely original, locally-sourced cuisine.

The Blue Ridge Parkway is your roadway to adventure.

The downtown music, art, and dining and drinking scenes are truly alive in Asheville. But these draws aren’t for everyone all the time – sometimes, you just want to be able to lose yourself in nature to really feel like you’ve found home. In those moments, find yourself on the Blueridge Parkway, your highway to adventure. The Blue Ridge Parkway winds its way along the Southern Appalachian Mountains for over 469 miles and connects Great Smoky Mountain National Park in North Carolina and the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. This curving, climbing route offers incredible scenic views of the surrounding mountains and of Maggie Valley below. But if staying behind the wheel isn’t quite your speed, there’s so much more to do along The Blue Ridge Parkway. Dozens of hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding trailheads begin along the Parkway, perfect for the intrepid explorer desiring to get lost in the wild. In the winter, carve your way through pristine powder off The Blue Ridge Parkway on its many designated ski and snowboarding slopes. No matter how you claim the area as your own, let The Blue Ridge Parkway be your path to beautiful natural scenery and epic outdoor excursions.

You can enjoy all North Carolina has to offer year-round with its amazing, temperate weather.

Whether you’re poking in and out of music halls and art galleries downtown, or hitting the peaks for some serious mountaineering along the Blue Ridge Parkway, you’ll want gorgeous weather to accompany. That’s perhaps what’s best about Asheville, North Carolina: no matter the season, Asheville boasts beautiful, enjoyable weather year-round. In the summer, highs almost never exceed 85 degrees and rainfall is minimal. In the winter, snowfall in the mountains makes for great skiing, snowboarding or sledding, but temperatures in town are mild, usually never dipping far below the ’40s. Autumn is marked by an extended color-changing period (gorgeous to behold and perfect for the avid photographer), and spring comes alive with vibrant natural flora. Residents of Asheville are treated to mild and enjoyable weather year-round, meaning that enjoying yourself on a restaurant patio, at your favorite outdoor hiking spot, and everywhere in between is truly a no-brainer.

Whether you’re interested in an exciting downtown scene with art, music, and great food at every door, or you’re pulled by the incredible natural beauty of the mountains and the hundreds of outdoor excursions to be had (on foot or otherwise), there’s definitely something for everyone in beautiful Asheville North Carolina. To find out more about why you should call Asheville home, visit


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