New Year’s Resolution: New Home, New You!

Making a resolution to start a workout routine, save some extra money, or take up a new hobby? Well, we have some bad news. US News shows 80% New Year’s resolutions fail by February.

The reason so many resolutions fail is that they’re putting the cart before the horse—making a habit change without a change to your lifestyle or mental state. To make things like diets work you also need to rearrange your life and environment, since studies show habits are ltinked to your living environment.

If you’ve been dreaming of a new home, a new lifestyle, and new, healthy habits, consider making 2020 the year you sell your old home and move into a new one. There’s nothing like a fresh start and a fresh environment to get you set to take on a new decade!

Starting from Scratch in 2020

Moving into a new home gives you a unique opportunity to purge old possessions you don’t need anymore. While spring cleaning is all well and good, it’s easy to leave things in the junk drawer when you aren’t forced to clean something. However, everything must go when you’re moving out. Everything you own either has to be in a box you’ll have to move and unpack, donated, or thrown away. Thinking about if you’re ready to pack and unpack something is a good way to determine how much you really value an old sweater or knickknack.

Moving into a new home also allows you to develop those good environmental habits. Maybe your resolution is to cut out soda or beer, but your current setup doesn’t afford the space for the garage fridge the NSCA suggests. A new home lets you think about your environment more purposefully and plan out your appliance and furniture layout to reflect your values and intentions.

Fixer-Uppers and Self-Discipline

One of the other challenges in fulfilling your New Year’s resolution is developing self-discipline. US News suggests that self-discipline isn’t an innate trait, but rather one that you train and develop like a muscle. One of the reasons you may be failing on your workout commitment is because you aren’t used to setting your own deadlines and holding yourself responsible for getting things done without a boss holding you accountable—and that’s okay! We all struggle with it to some degree.

New homes almost always come with some degree of work. It could be as simple as a room that you want to repaint. If you’re looking for something a little more serious, you could always take on a full-scale, DIY renovation of a historic home. Either way, these challenges are great ways to build self-discipline.

You have no real deadlines put on you to complete most interior home projects, only your own satisfaction and comfort. DIY projects have the added advantage of being a constant, physical reminder of your responsibilities. If you have. A half-painted living room, you’re going to look at it every day. It’s much harder to ignore an incomplete renovation than a gym membership that auto-drafts from your credit card each month.

Starting this type of project will help you work those self-discipline muscles every day. That energy can then be transferred onto some of your other life goals like finishing that screenplay you’ve been kicking around or finally learning to play the guitar you got for Christmas three years ago. As an added bonus, your home will look beautiful—and you can brag about how you did it all yourself.

What If You’re Not Ready to Sell Your Home?

Of course, you shouldn’t use not wanting to move as an excuse. These are all great ideas if you are already thinking about a move, but they’re just as good for people who are going to stay put for a few years.

It’s never too late to rearrange the living room or repaint the bedroom. In fact, those same environmental changes we mentioned above are probably easier in some cases if you’re not adding moving stress on top of it. The important thing is to create an environment that is conducive to positive personal growth, no matter where you are.

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