Five Online Resources for Relocating to Asheville

Over the last few decades, Asheville has emerged as the exciting and intoxicating new neighborhood of choice for thousands of young families, and it’s no wonder why. Downtown, with its funky array of restaurants, shops, and music venues teems with activity. The majesty of nature surrounding the town offers an endless suite of adventures (as well as a tranquil respite in the great outdoors). Truly, there’s a little something for everyone in this charming hamlet tucked deep within the Blue Ridge Mountains. So if you’re ready to pull the trigger, pack up your belongings (and your kids), and hit the road in search of a beautiful new start in Asheville, then congratulations! You’re on your way to some really exciting opportunities. But before you head off on your grand adventure, check out these convenient online resources: they’re designed with Asheville’s newcomers in mind and offer helpful tips and tricks to get you started as you begin your relocation to Asheville.

The Asheville Chamber of Commerce

The Asheville Chamber of Commerce is a one-stop-shop for the Asheville newcomer. Here you can find information on employment, education, housing, and neighborhood descriptions, as well as an overview of the shopping, dining, outdoor exploring, and general culture of Asheville. The Chamber of Commerce even offers new residents a relocation package, which includes the Asheville phone book, “Asheville Magazine,” a detailed county/city map, Carolina Living Choices Retirement Guide, and other information on local climate, geography, taxes, transportation, and more. While not free, the relocation package is well worth the investment if you’re unfamiliar with the area and need a “crash-course” in all things Asheville. But if you decide to forgo purchasing the package, no sweat! There’s still a lot of great intel that’s made available to the public on this informative site.

Romantic Asheville

No, it’s not a dating site: Romantic Asheville is your must-visit website for all things Asheville culture. This site offers incredible lists and information on anything you might ever want to do or see in Asheville. Best coffee in town? Fun festivals coming in the summer? What about an ideal ski resort nearby for your first foray on the slopes? Romantic Asheville has all of this and more. The site is excellent for both visitors and residents alike, but if you’re thinking of relocating to Asheville and need the scoop on what events are coming up or where to go in town for dinner, shopping, and fun, then you simply must visit Romantic Asheville.

It’s in the name: if you need to know something about what’s going on in Asheville, NC, visit You can think of this site as your online dashboard of Asheville intel. Like Romantic Asheville, this site offers a comprehensive overview of popular attractions, shopping and dining experiences, outdoor excursions, and local events. For a quick view of what functions are forthcoming, provides an easy-to-digest calendar of events that are all-inclusive and doesn’t seem to miss a beat: if it’s happening in Asheville, you’ll see it on the list. Summarily, if you’re new to Asheville and need to know what’s going on, this is your site.

The National Parks Service

Moving to Asheville? You likely know this already, but if not, we’ll let you in on a little secret: this town is a nature lover’s paradise. Located at the intersection of The Great Smoky Mountain Range and The Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville is surrounded by magnificent scenery and serves as an incredible jumping-off point for a host of hiking, biking, or horseback riding trails (or rafting, kayaking, jeeping, spelunking, or camping adventures, and all things in between). That said, you’d be remiss if you moved to Asheville without at least some appreciation for what’s available to you in terms of nearby campgrounds, hiking trails, national forests, and more. That’s why The National Parks Service website is a must-visit. Not only will it supply you with needed intel to inform your next outdoor adventure, but also gives important, need-to-know info for locals such as upcoming road closures or forthcoming inclement weather alerts.

Citizen Times

Finally, and for the latest in breaking Asheville news, visit the Citizen Times website. This site serves as the premier news source for greater Asheville. News updates are timely and include op-eds on such topics as local dining, shopping, and entertainment, in addition to harder-hitting pieces on serious events and breaking news in the area. A part of the USA Today news family, Citizen Times offers residents their daily dose of need-to-know local info that’s vetted, verified, and simply a good read.


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