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The Selling Process


10 Steps to Selling Your Home…more>

Types of Agents

Learn about various agent types and what to expect from different agent arrangements. When buying or selling real estate, you may find it helpful to have a real estate agent assist you. Real estate agents can provide many useful services and work with you in different ways. In some real estate transactions…more>

What is your Home Worth?

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Preparing Your Home

If you want to sell you home as quickly as possible for as much as possible, then it’s time to optimize your home for sale. The first step is to disassociate yourself from you house. Start thinking of your home as a product, not a home. Make the decision…more>

Staging Your Home

As a whole, home owners how properly stage their homes sell their properties faster and at higher prices. In addition to preparing your home for sale, consider putting some time and money into staging your home. Read on for more information on staging your home…more>

Pricing Your Home

If you’ve ever watched “Antiques Roadshow” on PBS, you’re already familiar with the concept of an appraisal. The idea is similar in the realm of real estate valuations. Each property is unique, and the appraiser relies on his or her general expertise and specific research to arrive at an opinion of value.  Appraisals are…more>

Home/Safety Inspections

AS A SELLER, a home inspection will put you a step ahead of buyers in knowing your house’s condition. Knowing the strenghts and weaknesses of your property will give you the opportunity to make repairs that will improve your house’s selling condition…more>

Open Houses

Open houses can provide instant feedback to sellers, as well as word of mouth once neighbors know it’s on the market. And if the seller’s agent finds a buyer through an open house-although rare-they save money on commission…more>

Seller's Worst Mistakes

When the average seller sits down to interview real estate agents, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement over choosing a sales price. More money means more financial opportunities for the homeowner. Perhaps it means the seller can afford to buy a more expensive home, help pay for her child’s college education or take that greatly overdue vacation. Unfortunately, uninformed sellers often choose the listing agent who suggests the highest list price, which is the worst mistake a seller can make…more>

Home Warranty

Home warranty policies are valuable assets for home buyers and sellers. These policies protect the buyer or seller against the high cost of covered repair and replacement of protected home systems and…more>

Closing Information

Do you have questions about a “closing,” escarow, or title insurance?  A “closing” is where you and your agent meet with some or all of the following individuals: the buyer, the buyer ‘s agent, a representative from the lending institution and a representative from the title company, in order to transfer the property title…more>

Moving Day!

CONGRATULATIONS! You have closed on your home and now you are ready to move!  The following information will help make your move is as organized and effortless as possible.  Think about your move as a series of small projects that you can begin while your home is under contract.  Your move…more>