Trend Report: Hendersonville, North Carolina Real Estate

Once another sleepy mountain town in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Hendersonville, North Carolina is rapidly evolving into one of the region’s most desirable zip codes in Western North Carolina. Located just 25 miles from Asheville, Hendersonville is a beneficiary of the larger city’s real estate boom. As people spread further and further from the Asheville city center in seek of larger lots and more affordable homes, Hendersonville looks like an appealing alternative to downtown living.

Homes for Sale in Hendersonville

Hendersonville maintains a healthy housing stock. According to our own internal statistics, there were 344 residential listings in Hendersonville in mid-January 2020, with a median home price of $288,288. There are properties for almost any budget in Hendersonville, with listings from $39,000 to $1,290,000. Neighborhood Scout shows 43.9% of homes in Hendersonville are valued between $127,001 and $255,000, which is in the ballpark for most homebuyers.

These homes run the gamut from sprawling country estates to quaint homes nestled right into downtown Hendersonville. Homes in Hendersonville generally have larger lots than those with comparable listing prices in Asheville. The majority of homes in Hendersonville have at least 2 bedrooms, and 40.5% are single-family homes. The housing stock is relatively new, with 46.1% built from 1970-1999, and 19% 2000 or newer. If you’re looking for a home your family can grow into, or want some extra space for hobbies like gardening, Hendersonville should be high on your list.

Hendersonville Real Estate Trends

Hendersonville is also an appealing city for buyers looking for an investment. If you see yourself moving into a large home down the road, want a rental property or vacation home that will appreciate in value, or are speculating in the real estate market, Hendersonville is worth looking into. According to Neighborhood Scout, the Hendersonville market has appreciated 73.12% from Q1 2000 to Q3 2019. Data shows an average appreciation of 2.82%, making it one of the fastest-appreciating areas in North Carolina.

Compared to the rest of the United States, Hendersonville’s appreciation looks pretty good. In June, Housing Wire reported that the average annual appreciation rate for real estate in the United States was 3.8%—a seven-year low for the nation. However, that’s an average that includes places with skyrocketing appreciation rates, like San Francisco (4.78%). Locally, Hendersonville is behind Asheville on appreciation, but ahead of places like Mars Hill (2.15%), Canton (2.52%), and Brevard (2.79%).

Reasons to Move to Hendersonville

Of course, most people looking for homes aren’t real estate speculators—if you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for a place to live. Fortunately, Hendersonville delivers on all counts. The city has been praised as the “best place to retire” by USA Today, “safest city in North Carolina” by CreditDonkey, and has the #4 high school in North Carolina, according to US News & World Report.

Hendersonville also has plenty to do and see. The city’s beautiful environment led to it being named the “Tree City of the Year.” One look at the Visit Hendersonville event calendar shows plenty of festivals, community events, and concerts that ensure you’ll have a loaded social calendar every weekend. Hungry? Check out the exciting dining scene, with restaurants from diners to steakhouses that rival those in downtown Asheville on any day.

The secret is out on Hendersonville, and people are moving here—not just from out of state, but also to get away from the hustle and bustle of Asheville. You can only expect this to bring about good things for Hendersonville: more restaurants, more breweries, more great things to do.

Buying Real Estate in Hendersonville, North Carolina

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