Zillow Talk: The Listings You Won’t Find on Search Engines

It’s no secret: Zillow is one of the most widely used real estate search engines in the world. However, it has a number of problems for consumers: inaccurate listings, Zestimates that hurt sale prices, and out-of-date listings. As if that’s not enough to send you running to a realtor’s office, add in another factor—Zilllow doesn’t provide a complete picture of the homes for sale in Asheville.

If you want a full picture of everything on the market, you’ll need to talk to a realtor at Keller Williams Asheville.

Seeing Every Listing with MLS Data

One of the most important tools in a realtor’s toolbox is the MLS system. MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service. It’s a service maintained by real estate brokers that allows them to view each other’s listings. This helps Keller Williams Asheville and all other companies in the area by giving us a complete picture of all homes for sale through real estate brokers in the area.

We provide this MLS data to all of our clients, and anyone who visits our website, through the IDX system. This is a customizable search engine that displays accurate, up-to-date MLS data online. You can try it out right now by clicking here, or read our handy guide on searching for real estate here.

Zillow Doesn’t Paint a Full Picture

While Keller Williams Asheville has complete access to MLS data, Zillow has to rely on manual postings by individual sellers and realtors or receive direct MLS feeds from individual brokerages. That means there’s a possibility that Zillow isn’t showing every home listed by real estate firms in the local area.

If you’re looking for a home for sale on a website that isn’t run by a broker, there’s a good chance you’re missing out on an excellent deal that will be snatched up before you even know about it. Zillow also has a bad habit of leaving listings up on the website long after they’ve been sold, so you could also be wasting your time on a house that is long gone.

Pocket Listings: How Realtors Get Unbeatable Deals

Another little secret of the real estate world: some listings don’t ever make it to the MLS. In addition to for-sale-by-owner homes, there are also “pocket listings”—an industry term for sales where a realtor is involved, but the home isn’t listed on any listing services.

Sellers sometimes favor pocket listings for a number of reasons. A pocket listing means fewer people coming into the house, which is a good thing for people who only want to talk to serious buyers and not casual open house browsers. Sometimes pocket listings are temporary—a seller may let the realtor know they’re ready to sell, but ask to keep a low profile while they stage their home and get it ready.

These pocket listings are a boon for buyers. Fewer inquiries from buyers means you’re less likely to get trapped in a bidding war over a hot property. In a hot market like Western North Carolina that is great news. You’re also more likely to find motivated sellers. If a seller only wants to see serious buyers, they’re more likely to get down to business and not wait to see who else comes along.

Realtors Know How to Find Real Estate Deals

Looking for those coveted pocket listings? You’ll need a good realtor who has their ear to the ground. Keller Williams Asheville realtors aren’t just anonymous outsiders who swoop in to make a sale here and there. We are long-time members of the Asheville community who have vast networks of past clients and realtors at other brokerages.

Keeping in touch with so many people in the community means we often know dozens of people who are getting ready to list their home, on the fence about selling, or keeping a low profile. If there’s a deal that isn’t anywhere online, we either know about it already or can find out before anyone else. That’s something you won’t get from an online listing service.

Finding the Latest Homes for Sale in Asheville

If you’re serious about finding a home for sale in Asheville, contact Keller Williams Asheville today. Don’t waste your time with estimates, old listings, and realtors who aren’t invested in this community. Our team is dedicated to getting you into your dream home, and we know the market better than any algorithm on earth.

You can start your search online today with our interactive map of real estate listings, just like Zillow. Our IDX system lists only real properties currently for sale in Asheville, and our website puts you in touch with an expert from the Keller Williams Asheville team. We never share your data with outside realtors or advertisers, and you’ll only hear from the realtor who posted the listing.

If you’re ready to find your dream home, let’s get started today.

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