Jeff Stewart

Operating Principal

Office: (828)-337-8837

Email: jstewart@kw.com

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Hannah Kitt

CEO/Team Leader

Office: (828) 302-4722

Email: hkitt@kw.com

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Mary George

Assistant Team Leader

Office: 864-678-0980

Email: maryggeorge@kw.com

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Ellen Dumaine

Market Center Administrator

Office: (828)-254-7253

Email: ellenw@kw.com

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Molly Haines

Assistant Market Center Administrator

Office: (828) 785-5785

Email: molly.haines@kw.com

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Rachel Brown

Broker In Charge (Downtown Asheville)

Office: (828)-768-7770

Email: rachel-brown@kw.com

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Eddie Colley

Broker in Charge (Black Mountain)

Office: (828)-776-3834

Email: eddie@cottonwoodpropertiesnc.com

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Monica Cook

Broker in Charge (Weaverville)

Office: (828) 658-1900

Email: monicacookasheville@gmail.com

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Brad Thomas

Broker in Charge (South Asheville)

Office: (828)-284-0723

Email: brad.thomas@kw.com

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Rachel Director

Broker In Charge (Downtown Asheville)

Office: 828-707-1812

Email: racheldirector@kw.com

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David Kesecker

Director of First Impressions (Downtown Asheville)

Office: (828) 254-7253

Email: frontdesk134@kw.com

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Sara Rae

Director of First Impressions (Black Mountain)

Office: (828)-669-5220

Email: kwblackmountain@gmail.com

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Corrine Mandell

Director of First Impressions (South Asheville)

Office: (828)-552-3776

Email: kweliteavl@gmail.com

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Bryson Hanrahan

Director of First Impressions (Weaverville)

Office: (828)-658-1900

Email: weavervilleoffice@gmail.com

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